Partner-Centric Approach

From the beginning, Smooth Commerce has taken a partner-centric approach to building our platform. This has led to strategic relationships and collaborations with many of the industry’s leading product and service providers, all of which serve our end goal of delivering the best possible solutions for our customers.


Smooth Commerce has integrated its solution with many of the leading POS systems, eliminating the need for additional hardware. This provides a seamless experience at the point of sale, speeding up transaction times and improving the customer experience.

Card Brands

In addition to accepting all major credit cards as a funding mechanism in the platform, Smooth Commerce collaborates with card brand partners to bring to market new product innovations.

Payment Acquirers

Smooth Commerce works with payment acquirers to ensure their mutual customer’s needs are being met. The platform provides payment acquirers added functionality to extend their value proposition.

Sales Channel

Smooth Commerce works with Sales Channel Partners to develop a suite of services designed to address all the evolving needs of the consumer. We are pleased to be the payment and loyalty solution in the Telus Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace.

Technology Marketing Platform

Smooth Commerce has integrated a wide variety of technology marketing platforms into the Smooth Commerce solution to ensure our clients have the tools to engage with their customers in the most robust and relevant way possible.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?